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Save energy in the office

Reduce High Energy Lighting

Office lighting is still heavily dominated by fluorescent tubes, and a lot of them. While they can be efficient, often there’s more light usage than what’s really required, especially during the day. When possible, opt for natural sunlight in favour of high energy lighting. If your office is situated to take advantage of the sun, don’t draw the curtains. You’ll be surprised how little those extra lights are needed. If your office needs extra lighting, try low-energy options.

Investing in light sensors and timers can also save a lot of energy from the lights, and the staff. Set lights to turn off just after office closing hours. This way there’ll be no chance lights remain switched on through the night when staff forget to turn them off.  

Turn Off Equipment

Computers, printers, machinery; they may all have a power-saving mode, but it’s best to turn them off completely at the end of the day. This can also help extend their life. Encourage and remind team members to switch off equipment when not in use, eventually it’ll become a routine habit.

Energy-saving electricals and equipment are of course the best option. They may be a little more expensive, but the costs saved over time will make up for the extra outlay.

Choose the Right Computers for Team Members

It would be hard to find an office that doesn’t use computers in our tech-driven world. While many businesses rely heavily on computer usage and software capabilities, there are a lot that only need them for the basics. Laptops are much more energy efficient than desktops; where possible, try to make use of them instead.

Set monitors to turn off after specified periods of inactivity. Again, this will ensure they are eventually switched off if they are accidently left on at the end of the day.

Go Solar  

Lastly, solar power is of course the most energy efficient option for businesses. Solar is the best energy-saving investment, and is officially Australia’s cheapest power option. While the costs may be a factor deterring businesses from investing, the money and environmental impact saved over time makes up for it.  

Being more energy conscious has the potential to save businesses money, and reduce the negative effects from the footprint they leave behind. Start employing efficient and renewable energy options today, to help tomorrow.


Conversion to solar power is a tested and trusted way to save your business money.