Photovoltaic solar modules

Photovoltaic solar modules

When selecting the most suitable solar panel for your commercial installation, it is critical to consider both how and where it is manufactured and what materials are used. There are various grades and capacities of PV panel modules. The renewable energy sector is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry with new technologies and products reguarly coming to market.

At Project GreenPower, we take our quality control very seriously in order to ensure that we're only using the highest grade commercial solar panels with the best perfomance yields for our clients. We always select panels with the following in mind:

  • Project Joule research and analysis
    The Joule is the unit of energy. Along with Project GreenPower, Project Joule is a member of the Project Energy Group. Project Joule conducts in depth research and analysis so as to identify the highest yield, best value products on the world market. A synergy exists within the group which results in Project GreenPower supplying some of the highest quality and highest yield equipment available.      
  • Australian Presence: 
    Project GreenPower only engages with reputable manufacturers and their representatives with significant presence in Australia.
    Project GreenPower will only do business with manufacturers who have a warranty process and service support that is accessible in Australia.
  • Quality Assurance:
    Project GreenPower is satisfied that there are stringent quality control processes and procedures in the manufacturing of solar photovoltaic panel modules.


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Conversion to solar power is a tested and trusted way to save your business money.