Laser and Turret Punching Specialists

Laser and Turret Punching Specialists was established in 1978 by the company name of Jeff Abbott Sheet Metal.

The company manufactured roof plumbing products and general sheet metal.

They later occupied a niche of the roofing market in manufacturing, supplying and installing skylights in Perth and surrounding country areas for many years.

As technology changed they invested in the future of CNC machinery and related software to continue to give their customers an excellent product as well as competitive prices.

Since then they have progressed into a specialised market of manufacturing  and offer their customers professional standards and high quality work in metal fabrication solutions.

Being a progressive organisation they recognised the high cost of operating machinery was only going to continue to spiral.

Project GreenPower advised the company's management of the Commonwealth Government's initiative in supporting commercial enterprise for solar projects.

Our consultants designed and engineered a long term power saving solution.

78 kilowatts of power inverters have been installed along with a large energy farm of pv cells on the roof which will see the company make huge savings in electricity costs well into the future.



Conversion to solar power is a tested and trusted way to save your business money.